Saturday, June 04, 2005

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

It has been raining in Calgary for the last few days, but I have a ray of sunshine all to my own. Today is my last day working for the Sears National Logistics Centre in Calgary. It give me a sense of relief to be leaving today.

It isn't that Sears is a bad place to work, it is just that 90% of the people I work with are some combination of dolt and jackass. 5% are lazy, 2% only work one or two days a week because they are going to school and the last few percent need more experience as team leaders.

A job that involves taking boxes out of trucks, sorting them into piles numbered 1-9, and then putting them back into other trucks should not be stressful. The problem arises from a desire to work hard and do a good job while the people around you don't share that desire. It is frustrating to say the least.

Only good times lay ahead though. I have one week off before I head out to Vancouver Island to photograph a wedding. The weekend after that I'm heading to Medicine Hat for the reception. The weekend after that I'm heading up to Banff to photograph another wedding. Then two weeks of relaxing/hanging out with the families until we head off to Australia.

That's why I have sunshine on a cloudy day.

-Gary Milner

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