Sunday, June 26, 2005

Free Movie "Hitch"

Last night I went to rent the movie "Hitch" with my sister Amy and her new husband Adam, and my other sister Becky.

When we got there, ten minutes before close, we were sad to see that all of the copies were gone. We ran out, hoping to catch the next closest video store before it closed. On our way out, we noticed a poster which guaranteed the movie in, or it was free.

We went back in and called them on it. The girl figured there should be one copy left, but printed us a voucher anyway. At that exact moment, Amy came to the counter with a copy in her hand. "We missed it guys...there is a copy"

The reason for the story is to say that the girl let us use our voucher and we got a free movie out of the deal.

Lucky for us because the movie was tolerable at best. At least for me and Gary. Becky liked it. Anyone who goes for the "romantic comedy" genre will probably like it. I like a little suspense in a movie...something out of the ordinary...not mindless boy meets girl - stuff goes wrong - true love prevails.

-Tracie, gives "Hitch" thumbs down.

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