Sunday, June 26, 2005

I'm So High Right Now

There is a game that people play in drama circles to help you become better at improvising things. It's called, "Yes Let's".
The premise of the game is that when someone suggests or says something, you can only reply by saying "Yes, let's". By doing this you are preventing yourself from blocking an emerging storyline. If one person sees an emerging line you can just run with it. You can't accidentilly stump the only person with a good idea.
I'm thinking that I need to change my personal style somewhat in life to more closely resemble the game. When someone says let's go to the zoo, I should always say, "Yes, let's" and then up the ante by inviting more people.
It's how you make friends. It's how you have fun. It's how my sister Jackie lives life. She has more fun than anyone I know.
If you want to take pictures of me jumping, from now on I'm going to say, Yes, let's.

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