Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Salmon Arm

We split the trip into two parts on the way home. There was sometalk about staying in Revelstoke, but Grandma was getting pretty tired and she wanted to stay in Salmon Arm. This photo was taken right behind the Salmon Arm Mall.
Tracie and I went on a little walk there to have some time on our own. On our walk, I noticed an electric fence. I told Tracie to touch it as I was taking a picture, but she didn't get shocked. Then I touched it but as I did, I rubbed my hand along the wire and it shocked me. I guess I deserved it for trying to trick Tracie. It would have been a funny photo though.
The next afternoon we made it back to Cardston and decided to go Medicine Hat instead of saying the night at Tracie's Grandparent's house.
-Gary Milner

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