Saturday, June 11, 2005

Don't We Look Great?

Well, the other day I bought a new camera. I decided that 205lbs, down from 245lbs was close enough to my goal to warrant winning the prize.

I really love it. We went on a long walk on Thursday to try it out. This is one of the photos we took. The rest can be found posted on my Flickr pages.

I'm really going to be looking for subjects over the next few days. If your in Calgary and want to have some photos done, let me know. I want some practice with the new camera before all the weddings and stuff. I'll only have two days though, so I don't imagine I'll have any takers.

Tracie got her wisdom teeth out today. She is now 4X less wise than she was before. I contemplated taking photos of the extraction but decided against it. Then when I found out that the dentist wrapped up the teeth and gave them to her to take home I was going to take some photos of them, but that would be even worse than seeing her sitting in the chair. I really want to try to get away from the nasty medical vibe I introduced to the blog with all those lipoma pictures. In any case, that's spilt milk I guess.

This morning after the dentist we rented two movies to entertain Tracie, "Finding Neverland" and "Be Cool". The former was much better than the latter. I really enjoyed, "Finding Neverland" but "Be Cool" was ok only. Not bad, just not good, and merely kind of funny.

-Gary Milner

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