Thursday, June 02, 2005


Every once in a while I get re-interested in the big bang theory and I just feel compelled to refute it. First of all scientists say they can now fairly accurately tell the age of the universe. They say that it is between ten and twenty billion years old. In other words, "fairly accurate "to them means that as long as they come within ten billion years of the correct age they can still be fairly accurate. Remember each one billion years equals a thousand million. With theories like that who needs facts. They don't know straight up about the age of the universe. They say some galaxies are farther away from us because not all the material from the bang is traveling at the same speed. I say "one explosion," one speed. They say they have seen evidence of radiation from the far reaches of the universe that proves there was an explosion. Really? How do they know where this radiation came from. What do they know about the far reaches of the universe. They've never seen the far reaches of the universe or even come close to seeing the far reaches, and they never will . It's too far. Distances in our own galaxy are measured in hundreds and thousands of light years. They say that the universe came from a single atom. For some reason this atom existed from the beginning of time then suddenly and inexplicably exploded. Scientists don't believe that the universe always existed but they're okay with just one atom. Maybe someday they will be able to fairly accurately tell us the age of that atom. Maybe some day they will be able to explain how a single atom could contain enough material to form the universe. Maybe someday they'll explain why they make all this stuff up.

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