Monday, June 13, 2005

Getting Ready to Go

This is the time when we are supposed to be getting ready to go to Victoria, but we are procrastinating a little. I guess it doesn't take much time to pack a bag.

You might have guessed that we are riding the C-Train to BC, because of the photo of me on the stairs at one of the stations. If you guessed that, you are wrong. The C-train doesn't go that far.

We are driving. It's going to be a road trip with Tracie's grandparents. We'll meet them at their house tonight and then head out first thing in the morning. I'm really looking forward to it.

Tracie talked to her grandmother on the phone the other day, and apparently she is making lunches/snacks/vital supplies for the trip. Tracie asked if she was going to make doughnuts. The answer was no, but she could. I guess that is pretty much a guarantee of doughnuts for the trip and basically every time we visit their house from now on. Which is a good thing.

Aside from packing, Tracie still has a few errands to do before we can leave, but all I have to do is see the optician to pick up my contact lenses and I'm ready to go.

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