Thursday, July 31, 2003

Seabiscuit. See Biscuit run. Run Biscuit Run.

Tracie and I went to see Seabiscuit today at the matinee. The old guy taking tickets said that Seabiscuit was the best movie playing at the time. He said that he wouldn't give a nickel for any of the other movies.

I really enjoyed it. Tracie and I give it 4 thumbs up. It's fine holiday fun.

I Like to Move It Move It!

Tracie and I are all packed up and ready to move in to our new house tomorrow night. We are staying at Tracie's Uncle Randal's house tonight. I'm planning on working a short day in the morning and then going to the house to unpack. I'm getting really excited to be moving into the new house.

I'll post again as soon as we have our internet connection in the new house. We're planning on having it done tomorrow.

-Gary Milner

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