Monday, June 19, 2006

Water Under the Bridge

Tracie and I went on a very long walk yesterday. I just measured it using google earth and it was 7.5 km one way! That means that we went on a 15km walk. I can't believe that it was that far.

While we were out, we crossed the bridge and went down to Luna Park which is a small amusement park for younger type kids.

As you can see from the photo, we saw the Spirit of Tasmania heading off under the bridge on it's merry way to Tasmania. I get the feeling that it is worth the extra $20 to fly unless you have to bring your car with you.

The ship probably isn't that bad, but the time you save on a plane is the real deciding factor. Actually it may have worked out well for us to take the ferry so that we could have avoided spending the night outside in the cold in a park.

We got some really good photos, some of which I have uploaded to my flickr account and some to istock. I've just been cruising along, much like the ship in the picture, at and average of one download a day this month. Hopefully it holds strong. I have 11 photos in the inspection que right now. About half of those have Tracie in them so my hopes are pretty high that they will do well. I may have to work on my key wording a little bit.

The weather has been pretty good for the last week or so which is a big relief from the rain that we had for the entire week before that. Our flat mates were beginning to think they had never left the UK.



Jeff Milner said...

It probably wasn't actually 15km. I've noticed that the Google maps have been spectacularly inaccurate for distance.

gary said...

wikipedia says that the bridge itself is over a km long.