Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All work and no play

Me and the Seal
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As you all are very aware by now, our days in the land down under are numbered. Six to be exact. And I'm working twleve hour shifts for two of those. We have to be packed and out of the flat in five days. You'd think we'd be at least a little prepared but we are far from it. I am anyway. Gary might say he's ready. It only ever takes him 2 minutes to pack though, no matter what he's packing, where he's going or how long he's going for. What is it with some men ? I'm not as bad as some women though either. I met my friend Michelle in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and she packed a bigger suitcase for those four days than I did for my entire year in Oz.

Well, for those of you living in a hole (or in Canada where we don't follow any sport that's not played with sticks), the Socceroos are out of the World Cup. To hear Australians tell it, the Socceroos were unfairly "robbed" of the cup after Italy scored a penalty kick. They figure the refs made a poor call in calling the foul in the first place, but Australians are very, very poor losers. Many Aussies I've spoken to will admit this but I suppose they will do what it takes to ease the pain. They are considering having a heros welcome home parade for the team who has just got back from Germany, but apparently the team isn't really up for it considering they didn't even make it into the quarter finals. Ahhh... I'll miss Australia. I really will.

In other sports related news I bought Gary and I tickets to see Australian rules football this Saturday where the Sydney Swans will take on the Fremantle (a perth suburb) Dockers. As a West Coast Eagles fan (Perth's other team), I will have a hard time cheering for either of those two teams but it is the last game playing here in Sydney before we leave and even though all year I have wanted to see a game, I left it til the last minute to actually go. I might still wear my West Coast scarf to show my loyalty but I don't know if that's in poor taste.

Hopefully we can take photos in the Oval to post for you all on flickr.

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