Thursday, June 08, 2006


I've been reading a blog about lighting techniques called Strobist. It details some very interesting techniques for using off camera flashes and explains very effectively how to build an inexpensive lighting kit (sub $200).

He says that dollar for dollar a buying lighting system for your camera will give you much more bang for your buck than buying expensive lenses for your camera.

It makes me want to buy a flash and some other gear to help with the light in my photos.

I've been doing pretty well selling the stock photos. I'm averaging over one sale a day this month and I have already surpassed my results selling stock photos last month. In a day or two I will probably have sold double the number I sold last month. I'm already 10% of the way to getting my first cheque.

Things are going fast here in Sydney. We will be home in 5.5 weeks. That means only three more weeks of the most boring job in the entire world. I am beginning to understand the main character in Office Space more all the time. I really want to stop coming to work.

If only I had 100x the number of photos and downloads on the micro stock site, I would be able to quit my job.

-Gary Milner


Marcel said...

Sounds cool. Have a link?

gary said...

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary... quit!!!

Go to North Queensland and take photos of the beautiful people from..PNG, Torres Strait and maybe even those elusive young men who live on the remote properties in the far north (The REAL cowboys).
Photo opportunities galore...faces rarely seen on stock photos or anywhere else for that matter...
Hey, what about Byron Bay and the Gold and Sunshine Coasts...not to mention Brisbane....(shhh...I said not to mention it)

Live dangerously..break free..snorkle on the Great Barrier Reef...and take photos of it too (ha, if the sharks don't get you..hahaha...sorry I had to put that in).
Send me an email if I've tempted you.

Jon said...

I once worked with a guy that had an uncanny resemblence and attitude as Milton the stapler guy from Office Space.

He had that sort of 'just a hair away from homicide' look in his eyes. Especially the day he got fired.