Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Two Weeks

Well, we'll be out of our apartment in two weeks, and the day after that we'll be in Tokyo. It is hard to believe that our time here is virtually over. Eight working days left, thank goodness. I just about fell asleep several times today, but that being said I can use the money.

I'm going to work on a review of the last year here in Australia. It might take a while and I'll probably have to publish is in instalments. I'll be starting with Perth and obviously end in Sydney.

I think that I'll give my impressions of the places and the people we've met. There have been quite a few experiences some good and some bad and I've learned a lot of things. Lots of things about both Tracie and myself. I don't think things will every be the same.

This is a photo from the walk that we took down to Luna Park. You don't see this view of the Sydney harbour bridge very often because they prohibit commercial photography in/of Luna Park without a property release which costs a fortune. There is a big sign at the front gates proclaiming that any photos you can take can only be used for your own personal enjoyment.

I hope that you are personally enjoying this photo of Luna Park and the bridge.



Jon said...

That's odd that they can put a restriction on something like that... I guess Disney World would be the same tho.

gary said...

The Opera House is the same way, although it is virtually impossible to police unless the infringer is undertaking a major advertising blitz.