Monday, June 12, 2006

Three Weeks Left

Fish bench
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I just put in our notice...we'll be out of the flat in exactly 3 weeks from today on July 4th. That also happens to be the last day of my contract at the hospital. We fly out of Sydney July 5th and after a brief stay in Japan we'll be back to Canada July 16th. What a whirlwind. I just can't believe that a whole year has come and gone already.

Today I was looking back at some of the photos we've taken over the year and I am just amazed at how many things we've seen and done and how many people we've met and how many friends we've made. I now know people from all around the world. Some of them I may never see again and some of them I will try my very hardest to stay in touch with because their friendships have meant so much to me over the past year. I feel a terrible loss at the thought of leaving this country that has been so good to me over the year. I am excited to go home but I don't yet know what awaits me there and so I'm quite terrified at the same time.

It looks like we will probably not make it to Queensland on this trip, which is crazy since most people who plan a trip to Australia go straight there. We had planned to save it to last but time and funds are not on our side. Next time for sure...which I hope will be sometime not too far in the future.

I'm sure my posts and emails will get sappier and sappier over the next three weeks so please bare with me. I never used to be a very emotional person but I'm quickly becoming one.


Jon said...

What awaits your when you return is apparently a nursing shortage in Calgary.

Guess that is good for you!

Jeff said...

You could always take a travel assignment down here. If Gary can make a go of it with his stock pics, a visa wouldn't be an issue for him. If he works on his tan he might even be able to apply for anmesty!!

Tracie said...

The whole world has a nursing shortage...Not that good if you don't want to be run off your feet.

No, I think I'll take this opportunity to officially announce my retirement from floor nursing. Not sure what I'll do instead though.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, buzz off. Canada wants her back!!! Did you know that Canada is home to the world's first UFO landing pad, or that we build multi million dollar highway overpasses - for wildlife? Go Canada! Maybe you want to go on a holiday from August 7th to 25th across Canada and the US? Gail said. . .