Friday, June 16, 2006

Real Sick, Real Ick

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It's official. I'm sick. I have a terrible head cold. I'm congested, I'm coughing, my nose is dripping and I can't breathe. The worst part is that all of those symptoms are exacerbated when I lay down so sleeping right now seems out of the question. I just called in sick for work for the second day in a row which I really didn't want to do because we need the money for our upcoming trip to Japan.

Oh well. Can't really complain I guess. I haven't had a cold in years. They never really come at convenient times though do they ? At the very least I could have been sick last week when it was raining everyday.

This photo of me and my sisters has nothing to do with being sick. I just like the photo. Although I talked to my sister Megan last week and she was very sick. Much sicker than me. Her kids were both very sick too. If I had a picture of them I'd post it too.

Tracie - Don't feel too sorry for me...

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