Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nursing in Oz

I though I'd post one of the pictures of Tracie in one of her nursing uniforms. She looks good doesn't she? Adding the stethoscope was my idea. It is always good to have a prop.

We were watching Scrubs a couple of weeks ago and she said that she thought that is was very funny that the chief resident of the hospital in the show had a $10 stethoscope. In fact everyone on that show has a $10 stethoscope. The one in this picture cost $200. They all look the same to me, to be honest. On the set of the show they probably just grab a different one out of a big bin every time they are about to do any shooting.

I wrote before that I uploaded a series of these nursing type photos and some photos of Tracie in the apartment complex pool to the micro stock photo site. Let me just tell you that I have sold more photos in the last week than in the last month! Tracie is fast becoming my most popular subject.

We're planning of doing more photos of her down in our apartment complex's fitness club and maybe a few more nursing uniform shots. It seems like it would't take an extremely large library of photos to make a nice amount of money selling these photos online. It gets a little bit easier once you develop a little bit of an eye for stock photography too. I think I'm getting a lot better at it already.

Having pictures of a person's face sure makes a big difference! Hopefully it will be easy to find more models once we get back home to Canada.

I have a large potential sale coming up, although I don't like to count my chickens before they're hatched. One of my flat mates is a writer for a large realestate "style" magazine, and she is doing a story about Perth, and her magazine may buy one of my photos. The money from the sale would go a long way towards buying a flash for my camera.

-Gary Milner


Jeff Milner said...

I really enjoyed the chance I had over the weekend to use Jackie's flash. It makes such a big difference. I think the photos of Tracie would be even better with just a touch more light. Even though you don't have a flash you should experiment with a reflective board or perhaps a longer exposure.

Jon said...

I can only hope the pictures of Tracie in nurse uniforms are being used for the 'forces of good'.


Guess that is the price one pays being a stock photography model.

gary said...

This particular photo isn't one of the ones I uploaded to the stock agency. this is one of the ones Tracie put on Flickr.

The photos I chose are a little brighter.

My next camera related purchase will be starting my lighting system.

I recommend strobist.blogspot.com for information about how to use lighting equipment.

Tracie said...

I worried about that too. Gary assured me that I would have had to have signed a second release if they were to be used for anything that could be embarassing. I suppose that doesn't guarantee anything though.

But if they wanted to use those photos for anything bad I suppose they could take them from flickr or from this blog anyway.