Saturday, April 29, 2006

Riding The Rails

We left Perth on the train again. Both thinking, "Why are we doing this to ourselves?" The last ride across the Nullarbore Plain was long, boring, and uninteresting. Though somehow we lived and decided to do it again.
Really it isn't as bad as I'm making it sound. You can meet some interesting people on the train, and actually have fun if you can make your own.
This ride didn't seem nearly as long as the last because I was able to sleep both nights and because it was 15 or more degrees cooler outside of the train.
As we're pulling out of Perth, who do we see but Alex, the frenchman we left in Perth running alongside the train the last time. By some sheer galactic coincidence, we book our tickets for the same day and destination as him.
Either we're lucky, or I'm being punished with french. It turned out for the best because it meant that we had a friend for the three day ride to Alice Springs. I imagine it was better for Tracie than for me though, because they spent the entire time speaking french.
The ride from Adelaide to Alice Springs is more interesting than from Perth to Adelaide. It is here where you get to enter the actual outback, where the dirt turns red.

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