Monday, April 10, 2006

Perth Zoo

Salt Water Crock
Tracie and I went to the Perth Zoo on Friday. I really enjoyed looking at all the animals. My favorite had to be the tiger. It seemed to be the most active of all the animals, pacing back and forth along one of the walls of it's holding area.

The one thing I would have done differently would be to have viewing platforms for visitors to be able to look down into the holding areas along with being able to look through the fence/glass of the various animal's pens.

My second would have to be the crocodile. They had a 700Lbs + crocodile. There was only one though because it was donated to the zoo by a crocodile farm where it had killed two female crocodiles. Previously to that it was captured in a populated area where it was a nusiance. Whoever captured it must have had nerves of steel because that thing was huge! If it got the chance to eat you it wouldn't even need to chomp you once to get you into its somache.

The Perth Zoo is definately worth a visit. I only regret that I never went to the Calgary Zoo while I was living there!

-Gary Milner, the most dangerous animal at the zoo.


Anonymous said...

where's the pics , i wouldn't mind seeing a 700lb croc. , salwa

Bob Milner said...

Maybe I'd be willing to just risk one arm.

Bob Milner said...

I just thought of a good name for an outfit that supplies crocodiles to the zoo. dial-a-croc.

Certified Lunatic said...

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