Saturday, April 15, 2006

Catamaran Rental

Tracie and I rented a catamaran for an hour on the river today. We both had a really good time.

It was a lot easier than I imagined.

We gave the guy 38 bucks, he said, "do you have much experience?" We said, "No" He said, "Head towards the conventions center and then back here. That will give you th e best ride with the least problems."

That's what we did and it was really fun. I took the rudder for the first round trip and then traded with Tracie for the second and then I got to drive again for the third. We were almost out of time by then and so we did a small circle about a third of a trip across the river and then came back to shore.

If you are in Perth, I recommend hiring a surfcat for an hour or two. Your bum gets wet, so wear somthing that doesn't matter if you get it wet.

You do sort of have to watch out for the boom hitting you in the head when you turn. Neither of us got hit, but Tracie friend did when they rented them a couple of months ago. It did swing across pretty hard once and I could see how it would have been a pretty serious thing to be hit in the head by it.


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