Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ayer's Rock Sunrise

After a long scary, not to mention frickin freezing night, we drove back to the park in the morning to get photos of the sunrise.
It was still pitch black when we arrived at the gates of the park at 5:45 am. Unfortunately the gates didn't open until 6:00. I mentioned that the rangers needed to get blinds in their hut because we could see them walking around telling jokes and basically just chatting the entire time we were there waiting. Not that it mattered because the sun doesn't come up until around 6:30 anyway and even then it isn't really bright enough until about 7:00 anyway.
I said that it was a cold night in the tent. It stayed cold until about 8:30 or 9:00, so cold in fact that while I was out taking the photos, Tracie stayed in the truck buring some of that $1.75/L diesel I told you about earlier.
In my opinion the sunrise is a little nicer than the sunset. In this photo you can see the outline of the Olgas on the horizon. Several of the domes at the Olgas are taller than Ayers Rock.
After completing the photos and eating breakfast we did the 9km walk around the base of the rock and then drove the 40km to the Olgas.

-Gary Milner

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