Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ayers Rock at Sunset

Notice has been given at our flat, train tickets have been booked for all legs of our journey, and we will be deparing on Wednesday at 11:55am.

It will take two days to get to Adelaide. Then we will leave Adelaide at 5:00pm and get to Alice springs at noon the next day. We plan to rent a camper van and drive the remaining 500 km to Ayer's Rock aka Uluru.

The few days we spend in the red center will likely be more than enough and we will hop on the train back to Adelaide, then from there on to Sydney which takes another 24 hours.

I will be over my weird love of rail transit after this trip. Including a LRT systems.

It is still up in the air as to wether we will stay in Sydney or goto Brisbane. Most likely we will be going to Brisbane.

My only dilemma is to buy a new lens for my camera or not. I need a wide angle lens pretty bad but I don't feel like spending the money. I wish I wasn't so cheap. I have hardly taken any photos since my wide lens broke four months ago. I guess I should just go for it. It is my main hobby and I really love it.

-Gary Milner


Anonymous said...

If you come to Brisbane I'll buy you lunch!!

Anonymous said...

Let me try that another way - with the use of manners.

If you and Tracie do come and visit Brisbane, it would me my pleasure to invite you both to lunch.