Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Work Situation Here in Perth

I got set up with a temp agency today. They called me in to give them my banking and tax information. They said that I will be able to work here in Perth doing data entry. I guess that I will be starting somewhere in a day or two. Which is very good news.

Tracie started working at various hospitals here within five days of arriving, but she had been running around for months before we even left Canada. That and they don't have enough nurses here.

It seems odd that the entire world is experiencing a nursing shortage, but it is just too difficult to add teaching capacity at any of the universities. It seems like there should be plenty of room in the UofC trailer park to add a nursing trailer if it is a matter of not having enough physical space. I mean why is it possible to get into the University with 80% out of highschool or community college in most of the faculties, but for nursing you need high 90's, and there is a waiting list of 300 people.

-Gary Milner

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