Monday, August 29, 2005

Body Boarding

We went to City Beach the other day. We were the only ones without wet suits and body boards. The waves were over our heads and we had a great time. So much fun in fact that I convinced Tracie to ask some kids where to buy body boards and for their advice.

Immeadiately one of the kids said, "Get the cheapest one you can." They suggested that we go up the coast to Scarborough. We drove the rental car up and found four surfing shops right away. We didn't feel like spending the money right away, but we came back a few days later to swim and the wind and water convinced Tracie that we needed wetsuits.

We got body boards and wet suits and spent the day bodyboarding. It was really fun but unfortunately you can't take your camera in the water and even taking it to the beach is kind of sketchy if you don't want to get sand in the focus and zoom mechanisms of you lens.

Now I'm just waiting for another beach weather day.

-Gary Milner

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