Sunday, August 07, 2005

Working Holiday in Australia

Tracie had her first shift today at the Royal Perth Hospital. I hope that it is going ok for her. She opted for an afternoon shift because they are only six hours and she wanted to ease herself into it.
It looks like doing travel nursing in Australia will be more lucrative than we expected especially with the weekend differential. The wage difference for the weekend is quite good.
I did a little sightseeing and shopping but I didn't see much that we hadn't already seen. Perth is a nice quiet town. The stores here are pretty small, and all seem to shut down a little early. There is a Woolworth grocery store near our house, it seems to be the biggest supermarket around here, but it is about a quarter the size of a regular Real Canadian Superstore or about 2/3 the size of the Crescent Heights Safeway store. The stores all seem to close their doors at 6:00pm or 6:30.
What's even worse than closing early is how expensive everything is. Candy type things are just about double their prices in Canada. Chocolate bars are $2.00 and that goes for just about every type of candy and pop.

Today, Tracie was planning on a shift, but got cancelled. She told them she would stay on call. She didn't get called by 8:45pm so we decided to go for a walk. At 9:00 she got called in but we were pretty far from the apartment. We hightailed it home and called a cab.

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