Tuesday, August 23, 2005


So I regret not becoming an accountant a little less now. I'm a temp now, and my first assignment was to go to a mining consultant firm to help the accountants with some filing and archiving. One of my tasks was to match receipts to Amex bills. It sounds easy, but there must have been 40 or 50 employees with Amex cards, and they don't always hand in their receipts in time for the current bill, or even three months late. There are a lot of receipts missing, yet to be handed in, and also waiting for the next bill to arrive. All in a giant binder. There are also five binders full of bills waiting for receipts.

In any case temping is nice, if a bit monotonus. Hopefully some tv company will hire me as an unwitting target for a hidden camera pratical joke show.

The money is good, here in Perth for temps, but it is just a matter of getting assignments. If it wasn't so cloudy, I would just go to the beach right now while I'm waiting for the call.

We went the other day and the waves were taller than me by a foot and a half. It has prompted us to buy body boards to play in the ocean. Some kids told us to get the cheapest ones we could find, not more than $50 or $100, because the really expensive ones are for the bigger 'breaks'. I imagine that the real differnce is that the expensive ones are thinner and don't float as well, but go way faster and turn better. That's the case with surfboards anyway.

-Gary Milner

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