Sunday, August 14, 2005

Entertainment in Perth Australia

So I got a blockbuster video account, and I have been renting movies. It's just that going to see movies in the theater here is so expensive $15.00 each. I won't be going again anytime soon. We went to see the Wedding Crashers. It had some funny moments, but were were perplexed by the nudity. I regret spending $30 to see it.

In good movie news, I rented a movie called 'Saints and Soldiers' if you can find it at your local video store I highly recommend seeing it. It is a WW2 movie about recognizing the humanity behind the "enemy" soldiers who are, for the most part, just doing their duty to country. These men have wives, children, fathers and mothers who love them just as much as the families of the soldiers on "our" side.

We also fell for a 10 for 10 deal they have. Let me tell you how hard it is to find not just 10 good movies, but 10 movies that you have any interest in seeing at all. If we ever fall for that deal again, we'll be renting four seasons of a televison show that I really liked the first time we saw it. Maybe 13 seasons of Seinfeld.

I'm working on an interesting post about Australia. It's some guy's master's thesis written in 1959 about Fremantle in the 1850's particularly about bringing convicts to Western Australia. I've got about two wordprocessor sheets full so far and I will be posting one chapter at a time because I don't want to overwhelm anybody with 15 pages of text. Besides that's a lot of typing. I haven't decided if I want to interject comments about the things that I have learned or what I feel the short comings of the thesis are. Suffice it to say that I found it very interesting and that I learned a lot about why they brought convicts to WA and the effect that it had.

Expect it later today where you are. Later tomorrow where I am.

-Gary Milner

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