Saturday, January 08, 2005

The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round

Yesterday I started work again at the hospital. By started again, I mean that I have enjoyed over two weeks off, and it felt like forever since the last time I worked. As you may know, our old blue civic is no more, and since we have only one car and Gary had it at work, I rode the bus home.

Riding the bus has never been a fun experience for me. When I was in elementary school, I took the bus everyday to and from school. Everyday I sat there, as close to the front as possible, staring forward, feeling that even the slightest turn of my head would make me vomit. One time it did. Poor Jenny.

Well, today my motion sickness is a little better. I can ride all day in a car with no problems, but not on the bus. Don't worry, I didn't throw up on anyone yesterday, but my nausea mixed with the cold mixed with the looooong wait made for a not so fun night.

The trip home started at the first bus stop at 19:51, and ended three busses later at 21:35. It was very, very cold. I guessed around -20. Waiting for the first bus was the worst because I was outside for 37 minutes. It was so cold that I started daydreaming that someone would walk by and kill me. It was so cold that I looked forward to the imminent nausea.

Well, the rest of the trip wasn't much better, and when I finally got home I had a moment of silence for those who take the bus everyday in Calgary. Calgary is not a great city for taking public transportation, unless you live downtown.

-Tracie, "Please sir, I don't want to ride the bus anymore"

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