Thursday, January 06, 2005

Babies + Movies = Crappy Times

Gary and I went to a matinee of The Incredibles the other day. Although we enjoy watching movies, we rarely go to the theatre because we just can't seem to bring ourselves to pay $11 each to watch something we may or may not like. Especially when it will come out on DVD in the next few months.

Anyway, I emphasize the money issue because that is all I could think of yesterday as I sat in front of two mothers holding two 5 or 6 month old babies who cooed, fussed or cried the entire time. What on earth are they thinking? We just paid $22 to come see this movie, and you brought a kid who can hardly hold his head up? I realise that it's a kids movie, but babies?

I wasn't just angry with the mothers, although they were clearly idiots, but I was even more angry with Cineplex for letting them in. It seems like movie theatre companies should know that it's a bad idea. That being said, I didn't complain, I just gave them dirty looks, which I don't think will help in the future.

I wonder if the babies got in free?

Anyway, we did enjoy the movie, but I recommend waiting for the DVD if you haven't seen it.

-Tracie, Movie Expert

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