Thursday, January 20, 2005

Motivational Posters

We got three new motivational posters today, you know the one's. The have a nice scenic photo and an inspirational word and message below it.

Ours say:
"Be The Bridge-Problems become opportunities when the right people join together.",

"Attitude-The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his live by altering his attitude.",

"Collaborate-Meeting people halfway is the most significant trip we can take. We don't work for each other... We work with each other."

When I got here, I was given strict instructions of where each poster was to be hung by the maintenance man. I said to the ladies, "each person gets the poster with the message they need most. For example you have a bad attitude." April thought that that was hilarious, then I said, "and you don't get along with anyone so you have to get collaborate". The first lady thought that that was even funnier and April gave me a glare. I said, "It's not so funny when the joke is on you is it?"

Then there was hanging them. We have concrete block walls. It takes a long time to drill a hole in a block wall with a drill bit designed for wood. You can imagine the rest of that story.

Those of you that know me, know that sometimes I like to get people's goat's. I'm thinking of changing the order of the photos. I wouldn't even be here to see the hilarity of this little trick, but I can imagine the CHAOS that would ensue. It is almost to easy to get a rise out of any of my co-workers.

-Gary Milner, Being the Bridge

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