Sunday, January 16, 2005


Last night at about 10 oclock we were in bed watching TV when Jane thought she heard a bum rap on the front door. I looked out the bedroom window to see if I could see a vehicle. Well I could see a vehicle all right and it was the heat.

I quickly glanced at Jane and said, "We're in a tight spot, it's the police."

We didn't know how many times he had to knock so I went to the door in my underwear. I opened the door a crack and told him to wait a minute while I got dressed. I could plainly see that he seemed quite afraid. I went back in the bedroom to get dressed but by this time Jane had her robe on and answered the door.

The cop then says to Jane, "How are you"?

Jane says, "I'm nervous".

The cop says, "Why"?

Jane says, "We're not used to police coming to visit."

Then he asks, "Didn't you call"?

Jane says, "No."

He looks visably puzzled and even more nervous than before because now he thinks were covering something up or trying to give him a snow job.

Then we say, "Are you looking for an address on Seven Persons Cresent."

He says, "Yes".

We say, "This isn't Seven Persons Cresent".

We tell him where Seven persons Cresent is and he leaves, still looking puzzled and afraid . And that's about all I know about that.

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