Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year

Tracie's Dad rented a cabin in Elkwater, a small provincial park 45 minutes south of Medicine Hat. It is a pretty old cabin, but we had a great time. The floor was pretty cold, but that counter balanced having the thermostat set pretty high.

I never could understand setting the temperature five or ten degrees higher than you would in your own home. My mother for example sets her house at 21 degrees Celsius, but sets her car at 28 or so. In the summer, the air conditioning in her car is set at 17 or 18.

In any case I guess the weather outside balances the weather inside some what. We got off to a thirsty start at the cabin because the pipes were frozen. I considered it part of the adventure more so than a few of the other people. We got a trickle and then a torrent after a couple of hours with a space heater under the floor.

The board games were pretty fun, but the second day was by far the best.

I learned how to snowboard. Now a lot of people will tell you that you will be really sore and have giant bruises all over your ace. From personal experience I have found this to be totally false. I only fell down four or five times on my first run, and then only two or three on my second run and then only three or four times for the whole rest of the day. Maybe I am a quick learner.

I find snowboarding to be much more fun than skiing, and when it's time to pack your stuff up, you find that you can actually walk in your boots and you don't have to juggle two skies and a pair of poles. Unless you are dating a pair of polish girls and then you do have to juggle the poles.

The night ended playing cranium with Megan Dann and Becky. It was possibly the most pleasant game I have ever played with Megan and I really enjoyed it.

The time in the cabin made me really want to get a cabin. I guess I have to find a lot somewhere near a river or lake and then I can build one.

-Gary Milner, internet superstar

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