Tuesday, January 11, 2005


My Grandparents stopped by my house on the weekend on their way through town. It was nice to see them and to show them our house, even though we won't be living in it for long.

About 50 years ago, my grandparents came to Canada from Germany. They had a small child and another on the way. They put all of their faith in a job at a coal mine that my grandpa had lined up, and all they had was $65. If it didn't work out, basically they were screwed. It took them several days by boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and then it took another few days by train to reach BC. They spoke no English and knew no one. My grandma said that at the time she would have given anything for a way back home.

I thought it was interesting that as my grandparents left my house on Sunday, my grandpa told me that I would have a great time in Australia. "For one thing, you speak the language. And for another, you've got some money." My grandma added, "And, you don't have kids".

They have since returned to Germany many times, but say that it just isn't the same and they wouldn't want to live there.

That being said, I feel like any worries I have surrounding my move are insignificant.

-Tracie, Now more excited than ever

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