Sunday, September 19, 2004

Trip To Medicine Hat

Tracie and I made t' trip down t' Medicine Hat t' take part in t' family portrait. me Mom got some deal wharrr t' best portrait studio in town was wavin' t' sittin' fee which ordinarrrily would have been several hundred doubloons.

I looked at t' LCD on t' aft o' t' photographarrr's camera as she was takin' pictures o' Jackie and Glen, t' pictures be goin' t' be pretty spectacularrr. I'm really tempted t' buy some o' t' family, but I know that they will be too expensive for me.

As promised, here be some o' t' pictarrrs that I took.

T' first be o' Becky (in t' jean jacket), her bucko (in stripes), and me, at t' Canadian Idol live show at t' Arena in Medicine Hat.

pic unavailable

T' Second be Eva (baby with hair), Ryker (baby without hair), and me (baldin' baby).

pic unavailable

This was one o' t' best trips we have had t' t' Hat, I think in part because we port them wantin' more. I get t' feelin' that stayin' for a few more days would have been a little too much.

-Gary Milner

Happy talk like a pirate day.

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