Monday, September 06, 2004

Mean Girls

Tracie and I saw "Mean Girls" the other day and surprisingly, we quite enjoyed it.
It is about a girl who had been home schooled by her zoologist parents until she turned 16 and they moved back to the states from Africa.

Back in the states the girl begins attending public school and must quickly adapt to the social hierarchy. She falls in with a pair of semi-misfits right away, but soon is invited to join a group of the three most "popular" girls in the school called the plastics.

She doesn't really like the plastics, but is convinced by her misfit friends to hangout with them to spy on and wreak havoc from with in.

The plastics are a group of really visious girls, the things they did to each other are *really* mean but not at all far fetched. Quite frankly, it made me glad to be a boy.

I really recommend that you rent this movie.

-Gary Milner

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