Monday, September 20, 2004

Busy Day

Tracie and I had a pretty busy day today.

We went to the University to confirm my table booking at the Student Center. I think they have a new table booking person, because I don't recognise her from last year and because she forgot to confirm my booking via email. I was freaking out because I didn't want to have $280 worth of doughnuts and no table to sell them at. The table was booked of course and my fears were assayed. (Rea would all that flour really be bad for you?)

Pictures of the doughnuts to come later.

We went down to vistek to have the portraits that I took of my family developed and put onto a cd. I didn't even look at the digital cameras, although I did fantasize on my way out. I'll probably post a few of the portraits on Friday.

We went to see if Cardel Place had opened yet. It had, so we decide that it would be a good day to play a little HORSE and a few games of 21. I beat Tracie pretty easily at HORSE, but she be me one out of three at 21. For someone who didn't play basketball in high school or at all in the last 8 or 9 years, she's a pretty good outside shooter.

I went to a pair of recruiting fairs that I was double booked for. The CP Rail one was better, and I wish I had just gone there first and skiped the Exxon Mobile/ Imperial Oil one. Besides I really like riding on trains.

Right now we are making ice cream in the ice cream maker that my Mom gave me. She had two, and hardly ever makes ice cream anyway. I'll tell you how it turns out later.

-Gary Milner

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