Thursday, September 02, 2004

Moldy Locks and the Three Contractors

In June, at the time of our convocation when Tracie's parents were visiting, her Dad noticed a discolouration on the wood molding underneath the window in front of our house. He touched it with his thumb, and pushed right into the wood.

Time passed, I never dealt with it, and it eventually started getting furry. I realized that I would have to deal with it right away. I started by pulling out as much of the rotten wood as I could, but as I was doing that, I made a hole in the pressboard underneath. It turns out that the pressboard underneath the siding is also rotten.

By this point, I realize that this home repair is way beyond what I am capable of doing. While I could probably remove the boards, the siding and the plywood, and maybe even put the wood parts back up, I probably could not put the siding back up.

We called a contractor to come look at it and give us an estimate. They told us that they would come in a week's time. On the day they were supposed to show up, they didn't. We called several times and they assured us that someone would be here. It's been well over a week and they still haven't come. If you ever need home repairs done, don't call A P & W contractors. We finally found a new contractor, after two weeks of trying. He came last night and he told us it would be between $800 and $1000.

It turns out that the lovely decorative molding around the bottom of the house near the ground is also rotting and holding water. He said that he would replace that as well. He's coming Wednesday the 8th. I won't hold my breath, though.

I could see the difference in the wood, the light yellow on the bottom is non-rotten wood, on the top where it is darker orange it's a little rotten. Although you can't see very well, there is rot inside. If you look in the centre you can see our insulation.

I hope the contractor is honest about the price and that it will be done in one day.

-Gary Milner

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