Sunday, September 17, 2006


Duane Chapman, known as "Dog theBounty Hunter" has been arrested for his 2002 capture of a fugitive in Mexico. This capture was the one that catapulted Chapman into national limelight because it was the premere criminal recovery capture in a long time. It was this capture that landed him a position on international television. He's in trouble for ruffeling Mexico's feathers but I have to say that I congratulate him for the capture. But I also say that so far he is just a bush league bounty hunter who hasn't captured anyone really tough yet. I call him a lilly livered coward who dosen't have it in him to capture a real target. Mad Dog, your not a man unless you capture Osama freakin Bin Laudin. When you do that, you wuss, then you can have my respect.


Jeff Milner said...

Apparently, "Dog" is proud of his Mexican capture, and has stated that his next big target _is_ Osama bin Laden.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Milner
What right have you to call Mr. Chapman a coward. This man has gained fame fromdoing what he belives is right. How many times have you gone out to captue a fugitive, how many dangers have you faced? Would you have felt the same way if the fugitive he captured in Mexico had hurt someone in your family. Would you have felt the same way?? I wish Mr. Chapman and his family all the best of luck. We need more BRAVE people like him in this world.