Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Last Few Weeks

I've been up to a lot over the last few weeks. Over the labour day weekend, I went to Calgary to attend an minilypse. The night before, I set my alarm and then went to sleep. I forgot to actually turn the alarm on though and slept in for an hour and a half, so instead of being 15 minutes early I was an hour and 15 late. It was ok though because almost everyone else was an hour late too.

I had a reallly good time photographing the models, and talking with the other photographers about lots of different things. We had access to the cjsw radio booths and the ming on 17th ave for two of our shoots over the weekend. Everyone really enjoyed it. Now I have to wade through 600+ photos. It is going to take me a long time to deal with them all.

I've been doing a lot of school portraits. We've finished shooting two of the highschools and one of the elementary schools. Hardly anyone at the second school wanted to smile. They were much more difficult to work with than the first highschool. Friday, we were at the first elementary school of the year. I really enjoyed it a lot. It is much harder work with the elementary kids, but they almost always smile.

We have paper tags with the kids names and a little barcode on them that we scan as we take their photos so that we can keep track of all the photos. As one kid was giving me his tag, he said to me, "My name isn't really Wilson, it's Jim." I thought that he must have gotten someone else's tag by mistake and so I looked at it. It said, "Wilson, Jim". I said to the kid that the tag was obviously wrong if his name was Jim Wilson, because it did say Wilson, Jim and that he shouldn't worry because I would make sure that it was fixed in the comptuer. I really doesn't make sense to put you last name first and your first name last does it?

-Gary Milner


Jon said...

From now on, he is not going to get the "last name first, first name last" format. He will probably figure it out when he is 19 and look back at you as the guy that had confused him all those years.

Messing with small children is fun. :-)

Tracie said...

So the truth comes out...Gary is actually the one who's mean to children. For 12 years he's been accusing me, but that ends today.

Thanks Jon for pointing out this interesting fact.

gary said...

It isn't mean to mix kids up, it is funny.