Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Eight Pumpkin Carving Tips

Here are eight tips to make choosing and caving pumpkins easier this Halloween. Have Fun.

  1. Make sure the pumpkin is not bruised pumpkin.

  2. Bigger is better, but the size doesn't matter that much. Patterns can be enlarged but shrinking a pattern can make detailed work difficult.

  3. Make sure there is no discoloration or soft spots.

  4. Pumpkins with a flat edge don't roll as much and are easier to work with.

  5. Find a pumpkin with a sturdy stem, this is a sign of a healthy pumpkin.

  6. Lifting the pumpkin by the stem can damage the pumpkin and make it age faster.

  7. Check the bottom of the pumpkin to make sure the base is not damaged. If the bottom of the pumpkin is thin it could get punctured. This allows bad things to grow in the pumpkin.

  8. Put pumpkins that feel heavy or sloshy back. Insides can rot and leave a slimey, smelly, liquid goo.

I hope you have all been enjoying the pumpkin carving stencils that I have been making and get to use them this halloween.

Have fun,

-Gary Milner

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