Monday, August 14, 2006

The Bike Race

I'm thinking of sponsoring an underground bike race that goes from the teepee to Echodale, before the end of summer. The prize would be a slush at Echodale. I'm thinking I could get a few guys to enter.

I've been riding my bike a lot lately. By a lot I mean I've been on two or three rides around town in the last month. Medicine Hat is so small that bike riding everywhere is well within the relms of being realistic and an effective form of transportation. It can't possibly take more than an hour to get anywhere in the city by bike, and possibly much less. I think I'll time how long it takes to go to my parent's house from Tracie's parent's house.

There were a few times in Australia when I should have bought a bike. I should have bought one my first week in Perth and the same in Sydney. A bike in those two places would have served me really well.

Jeff says that he should have bought a bike his first week in Quebec too. He figures he could have purchased a bike for $25 then sold it for $25 when he left.

If you're interested in my little race, leave a comment or email me.


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