Sunday, August 20, 2006

I found an online word processor that looks pretty slick. It is called

It can create documents in your choice of these formats:

- Microsoft Word
- OpenOffice
- zip

You can use it to post to all sorts of blogs. You can add photos to your documents and you can even check your spelling. Since it is online, you can edit your documents on any computer connected to the internet. You can also have colaborators on documents using different computers. Regular wordprocessors have this feature as well, but I've never used it.

This website seems like it would be especially good for people who don't want to pirate MS Office, are not willing/able to download Open Office, or are travelling without a computer and can't find a cafe with a propper word processor.

I wrote everything before this using writely and it looks like I may have to get used to how it formats things if I want to post to the blog with it. I have cleaned it up a little so that it looks better after the fact in blogger.


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Jon said...

I think google just bought Writely.

Google is 'da bomb'.