Friday, August 25, 2006

School Photos

I had my first full day of school portraits. We did the grades eight and nine. Most of the kids were pretty good and easy to get along with.

There was one jerky eight grader first thing in the morning who just refused to smile. He said he didn't smile for anyone. I told him to smile for his mom and he said he wouldn't even smile for her.
He then continued to try to get his little buddies to not smile as well.

The friends weren't nearly as lucky though. I got one laughing at me when he thought I wasn't ready to take a picture. He was annoyed that I could be so sneaky. Now guess if he's going to have an id card with a smile on it for the rest of the year.

I guess out smarting an eighth grader isn't really worth bragging about, but he was just so Hecking annoying.



Jeff said...

Is "Hecking" like "Freaking"?

Bob Milner said...

And then you could ask if freaking is like effing.ecj

Jeff said...

effing eh!

Bob Milner said...


Jon said...

Wow, that would probably have me swear off children right there and then if I were you.

I guess I must have been oppresively irritating when I was a teenager, but I sure don't remember it...