Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Slitting My Wrists (ok Elbow Pits)

I went to the doctor today to get a minor surgery done this morning. I had to get some lipomas removed. One from each arm.

The one in my left arm was a little bit bigger and deeper than the one on my right arm.

Tracie asked the nurse if we could take some photos and she said it would be ok. Then Tracie asked the doctor and he said it would be ok.

Let me tell you, the needle to freeze your arm is a lot better than the needle to freeze your mouth. After the initial needle, you don't even know your arm is frozen. Not like your mouth where you can't even talk for the next 4 hours. Heck even when the freezing wore off, it didn't hurt as much as the least painful dental work I've had.

In any case, the doctor made an inch long incision on my left arm, and squeezed out the lipoma, zit popping style, only instead of white puss, a blob of yellow fat cells came out. Blob makes it sound more runny than it actually was. It was pretty solid looking. I guess I should have squished with something so I could describe the consistancy more effectivly.

He did the same thing on the right arm, only the cut wasn't as long or deep. We had a student doctor in with us who did the stitches.

Tracie said that it would have been better to get the student to do the cutting and the doctor to do the sewing. Apparently anyone can do the chopping, but the sewing takes a certain amount of skill. I wish she had piped in sooner. She said that she didn't want to influence my decision. Apparently she would have let the student do the whole thing.

The bigger one on the right came out first. I call them Abbott and Costello. To give you an idea of size, the scalpel is about as long as a pen.

The stitches went in just fine. I have three in my left arm and two in my right arm. Tracie thinks that I could have used four in my right arm though, and I am inclined to agree. I get the feeling that I will have a scar on both of my arms. But that's ok, because chicks dig scars. I have an appointment on Monday to get two more taken off my belly. I will be lump free after that.
Tracie's Birthday

In other news, today is Tracie's birthday. Happy birthday!!! It is also Tracie's Mom's birthday. Tracie celebrated by coming to my surgery and taking the photos for me. Then we went to see Star Wars. It was quite good. We both really enjoyed it. It got rid of a lot of the things that I didn't like about the other ones. After the movie we went to Chapters and read books about Singapore for a little while. Seeing all those books made me wish that I could afford to purchase a few of them and have a small library at home. Then I remembered that I don't really have a home anymore.

We went to Kelsey's for supper and had a really good time visiting. The countdown to our trip is really at the forefront of our minds right now. We are getting more and more excited everyday.

-Gary Milner

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