Sunday, May 29, 2005

Abuse At Guanatamo Bay

Lets put it this way. There's no understanding those crazy afghan religious nuts or the nut jobs holding them as prisoners.

"The complaints are that the prisoners have been beaten, stripped, and had to watch copies of the Koran being abused. The thing that needs to be explained here is that Koran abuse is not prisoner abuse."

Dad, is stripping and then beating the prisoners abuse? Is holding them without charging them or letting them have lawyers abuse? Is keeping them in Cuba so that you do have to abide by your own laws abuse? How do you know some guy didn't falsely accuse his neighbour for a new goat?

Is the woman in this picture abusing this guy?

What about this? Is this abuse?

This must be a birthday party.

That my friend, is the difference between real abuse and phony abuse.

No matter how you turn it, spitting on someone is not the same as stripping them down and sicking an attack dog on them, or piling them up naked, or holding them on a leash.

My question is this, why are Americans the only ones who deserve any rights at all? If you can pick up random Afgans off the street, why not black people or Jews? Why not just round of Mormons on trumped up charges. How about this, make a law that legalizes killing them.

I for one don't think you should round people up for no reason. At least give them a trial or some clothes or something.

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