Monday, May 02, 2005

ce n'est pas clean

So the house is gone. We moved all of our stuff Friday. On our way down to store it in Raymond, we stopped at a small restaurant in Nanton. The food was not undelicious and it was very cheap. They made up for the tastiness of the food and cheapness of price by not washing my cup.

I had taken a few sips when I looked at the far side of my glass only to see a big lipstick smear. Ladies this is why we have straws, so that you don't get awful red gobs of petroleum by-products that are hard to clean on the glasses.

Tracie was really grossed out by it all. I just said that it was like making out with my new mistress every time I took a drink. What could be better than a little Pepsi flavoured action?

Earlier that day we were at the Ryder truck rental place getting a 15' moving van. The man at the desk said, "Is this your correct address?" I said, "Yes for two more hours, we're moving. That's why we need the truck."

All in all the move went very well. We had everything packed an hour ahead of schedule, and it unpacked very quickly. Now all of our stuff is in storage in Tracie's Grandma's house. Storing it there is going to save us about $2000 because we won't have to pay for a mini-storage.

-Gary Milner, I'm homeless for a few days.

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