Sunday, May 29, 2005

Abuse At Guanatamo Bay

Lets put it this way. There's no understanding those crazy afghan religious nuts and the crazy American Liberals that stick up for them. I've been reading about prisoner abuse at Guanatamo for the last couple of weeks or so. The complaints are that the prisoners have been beaten, stripped, and had to watch copies of the Koran being abused. The thing that needs to be explained here is that Koran abuse is not prisoner abuse. I repeat, not prisoner abuse. If indeed anybody needs to worry about abuse of the Koran it would be the guys who abused the Koran. The complainants by the way, are the same dudes that would split you from your crotch to your eyeballs if they caught you in their country with a bible. And that my friend, is the difference between real abuse and phony abuse. Hitting people with sticks and stripping them is of coarse, real abuse and I can see why a person would complain about that. However if the those same complainants were to instigate the abuse by aggravating the guards by doing something horrific such as spitting some horrid afghan saliva in a guards face I have to say that I if I were a guard I would wonder if I even got even if I hit the s.o.b. with a stick.

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