Saturday, February 12, 2005


I am getting more and more tired of my logistics job all the time. The management is really nice to me and they always have been. I don't feel like I am doing anything special, but maybe the other people there have set the bar *really* low. I don't let what the other people do affect how hard I work. What I mean is that just because a few people are visibly slacking off, doesn't mean that I do too. I pride myself on endurance and consistency. My ability to just keep pounding away.

The friend of one of my bosses who got me the job told me that my boss said, "If I could find 20 other guys like Gary I would fire my whole shift today." Last night, it was announced that not only do we need 10 or so new part time people, we also have the go ahead to make some of our current part time people full time. After the full time positions were announced, the manager told me that if I wasn't heading out so soon that I would have one of the full time positions in a second. I told him that a lot of the other people there needed it a lot more than me. They really do need it. Besides accepting a full time line would be like accepting the fact that I am a logistics person, which I am not.

It seems like the bosses sort of figure that I will be hanging around, that I haven't just taken the job for the mean time and not as a career path. It isn't really even a career as much as a company where I could have a career if I changed jobs to one that had career potential.

In any case I am getting tired of it. Most of the people are pretty nice, but most of them are not my crowd. That's the bottom line. While I get along with them we are just too different.

-Gary Milner

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