Sunday, February 06, 2005

Donut Day Is Here To Stay

Tomorrow is once again donut day. I have placed an order for 20 dozen donuts. The table has been booked. Napkins have been purchased and a roll of loonies has been obtained. Tracie is out right now purchasing a container of hand sanitizer.

I'm getting really excited.

We need to be at the university at around 8:00am so we'll probably have to be out the door by around 7:15 or so, which means there won't be much time for sleeping. Hopefully they sell out fast so that I can have a nap.

I'm pretty sure that they will be gone quite quickly because I didn't order as many this time and it has been a while since anyone else has sold them.

I'm hoping to be out of there by 2:00 after selling all 240 donuts.

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