Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tsunami Concert

I am happy to report that I did my part as a Canadian to support tsunami relief efforts by attending a concert on Monday night.

The night started out with funny men Rick Mercer and Brent Butt making jokes about the Calgary Flames and the chinook weather. Then some girl came on stage as the opening act. She was really good, but everyone seemed to be leaning over asking the person next to them who it was. As it turns out, it was a band called Delirium, and the very next day I heard one of their songs on the radio.

Next came Bruce Cockburn. He was also very good, but although I'd at least heard of him, I still didn't know any of his songs...except for the song "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" which he sang later on with the Barenaked Ladies, and which I really only know because BNL did a cover.

Next came Chantal Kreviazuk and Raine Maida. The concert was really getting good at this point because I actually knew some of their songs and could sing along. At the end of their bit, Raine had everyone in the Saddledome stand and sing "we are all innocent". It was nice.

Well, the highlight of the night for me was the Barenaked Ladies. They were so funny and had so much energy, and I knew all but one of their songs, which, if anyone wants to know goes "what's so maybe about?" not "what's Old Navy about?"

Last was Sarah McLachlan. I had seen her once before at Lilith Fair in 1998, back when I thought she was the greatest thing ever. But about a year ago my CD's were stolen out of my car, including every Sarah McLachlan CD I owned, so I haven't really listened to her music since. I still knew all of her songs though, and it's always fun to sing along at concerts.

Anyway, it was a lot of stuff jam packed into one night. I think I'll turn over a new leaf and start going to more concerts. It's well worth the money.

-Tracie, Building a Mystery Blog

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