Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Job Interview

My days at the warehouse may be numbered. I had a job interview at an oil company downtown yesterday. It went pretty well, although I have to admit that I am pretty awesome and haven't had a bad interview experience to compare it to. (knocks on wood).

All the interviews took place on Monday and today, so I don't think that there can be very many applicants. I'm thinking that there are probably only four, but I guess there could be six. One each morning and two each afternoon isn't unreasonable. Unless I don't get the job and then what the heck.

It kind of puts me in mind of the people on American Idol. They get turned down and then explain to the camera how unfairly they've been treated and how stupid Simon is or about a hundred other unfair things. I just can't help but think that the only way they would feel that they were treated fairly would be to actually win the contest.

The interviewers said that there would only be one round of interviews. It is an entry level position that he has been using to bring people into the company and move them on to bigger and better positions. The last guy got promoted in 18 months.

In any case, I am really excited. I hope that it works out well. One way or the other I have big plans and will be happy. If I don't get it we will be going to Australia and if I do, my career will be started of with a bang.

-Gary Milner

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