Monday, October 03, 2005

Here fishy, fishy.

Well, I think I'm hooked on fishing. Or the fish I catch are hooked anyway.

Saturday, Dermot and Michelle took us out to the Swan river for our first go at fishing. We caught a lot of blow fish, but nothing edible. It's pretty fun to reel in a fish, though.

Then yesterday, we went to Cottesloe beach and fished from a rock jetty. It was pretty fun, and we were catching heaps of fish - mostly blowfish again, but a few "real" ones. We spent all afternoon there, and the time just flew by. Dermot caught two white fish that we're going to cook up tonight, and Gary caught a green one that we had last night. I was in charge of beheading, gutting, scaling, and frying the fish. It sure is a brutal job and can make you lose your appetite, but I did feel like I owed it to the fish to eat them after all that.

The fish last night was melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and I'm really looking forward to supper tonight. We plan to buy a second rod sometime this week, so that we don't have to fight over whose turn it is to fish.

-Tracie, The FisherQueen

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Jeff said...

What is up with all the spam crap on your comment section??
Now you need to get some land and buy a calf. After a year of chasing it down after it gets out of the pasture, and getting kicked every time you try to trailer it, and having it kick over the feed and water trough, you really look forward to the day when you get to behead, and gut, and skin, and make big juicy steaks on the barbie out of it!!